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10 Day 10-Hour Online Meditation and Pranayama (Breathing) Training for Your Inner Being


Starts on 1st May , 2021

Himalayan Master Yogi Bijay developed so Shanti Yoga to share his more than 20 years of experience with his unique style of Healing,Spiritual, and Holistic approach.so Shanti Yoga brings more than 5000 years old ancient yogi science to modern age by embracing all types of yoga. Postures(Asana), Breathing work(Pranayama and kriya), ,Meditation(Dhyana), Gesture (Mudra) ,Bandhas( Energy lock)and Mantra Chanting .yogic wisdom are all artfully sequenced in each class to align the five layers of self.

Life changing opportunity soShanti Yoga honoured to invite you to our upcoming ONLINE LIVE 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training where time stops and the journey within begins.

You will be immersed in the ancient art of yoga and explore this ancient knowledge in depth with passionate teachers in a nourishing environment for your heart and soul along with a like minded seekers of spiritual growth.

  • 10-hour online meditation and pranayama training
  • Daily one-hour live sessions over 10 days
  • Online sessions will be held over Zoom
  • Online sessions’ time zone: Delhi,India IST+5:35). The classes will be from 12:30 p.m to 13:30 p.m (IST+5:30) but can be adjusted upon request if you have a time problem.
  • Q&A session with the instructor
  • Interaction with teacher and other students
  • The course aims at creating a regular habit of meditation, making the restless mind calm and still, developing the positivity thoughts and emotions, and more   
  • Experienced and professional Indian yoga teachers
  • Certificate of completion to register with International Yoga Alliance
  • Traditional, Healing, Authentic, and Classical Yoga teaching
  • LIVE or ONLINE  with Himalayan mountain view, good Indian village vibe, and energy
  • Healing and Cleansing Chakras/ Past Trauma/ Negative emotions
  • Online sessions’ timezone: Indian Standard Time – IST (UTC+05:30)
  • Flexible duration: can be completed in 1 or 2 or 3 months
  • Direct teaching from Master Yogi Bijay
  • Course material, online, and unlimited support will be provided from experienced teachers
  • A relaxed way of teaching and practice during this Corona epidemic
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


  • Mindfullness
  • Heartfullness 
  • Chakra Meditation
  • Kundalini Osho Meditation
  • Loving Kindness MeditationVinyasa Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra Mediation Kundalini Yoga
  • Iyengar Yoga
  • Kriya
  • Sivananda Styles
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Mantra / Bhakti 
  • Yin Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Tantra (Non -sexual)
  • Therapy Yoga
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Transcendental Meditation

  • Transcendental Meditation
    �4) Zen Meditation
    �5)Loving Kindness Meditation
    �6)Breath awareness meditation
    �7)Body scan or progressive relaxation
    �8) Kundalini Tantra Meditation
    �9)Object Concentration Meditation
    �10)Chakra Meditation
    �11) Yoga Nidra

What you can expect from the course

his  course  will  be  following  traditional  &  Authentic  approach of more  than 5 000   yrs  ancient  yogi  Science  Course  has  been  been  divided  into  several modules- Yoga   philosophy,  Asana, Mediation,Pranayama  &  Kriya, Mantra, Y oga  Anatomy, Chakra,Kundalini,Tantra  ,  Bandhas,Yoga  Nidra, Yoga  Alignment  &  Ayurveda     





                     Module  1:  Traditional  Kundalini  &  Yoga Philosophy   



Ethical  and  philosophical  principles  in  Yoga.:   

  • Origins  of  Yoga   
  • Philosophical  schools  and  type  of  yogas   
  • Classic  Yoga  Paths   
  • Classic  texts   

The  Eight  Limbs  oF  Raja  Yoga  



5  Koshas   3  Bodies     

3  Gunas     

The  Mind  of  the Aspirant   

Brahman,Brahma and  the  three  Gunas   

Three  Types  of Teachers  and  Three  Types  of students   

The  Seven  Bhumikas – Stages  of  Knowledge   

The  four  Paths  of  Yoga   


The  Philosophy and  Aim  of  Yoga   

The  Three  Bodies  and t heir  Functions     ESP,Levels  of  mind,Time,Space   

The  Absolute  and  evolution  of  Prakriti   

The  self  as  Existence,Knowledge  ,Bliss   

Conquest  of  Death   

3  Gunas     

Cause  &  types  of  pain.   








                   Module  2  :  Asana  &  Alignment     




Introduction  to  Yogaasana     

Beginner’s  Group  :   

Pawanmukta  Series     

Part  1  :Anti  Rheumatic  Group   

Part  2:Digestive  /Abdominal  Group   

Part  3:Shakti  Bandhas  Asanas     

Yoga  Excerises  for  the  Eyes     

Relaxation  Asanas     

Meditation  Asanas     

Vajrasana  group  of  Asanas   

Standing  Asanas     

Surya  Namaskara     

Chandra  Namaskara   


Intermediate  Group     

Padmasana  Group  of  Asanas     

Backward  Bending  Asanas     

Forward B ending  Asanas     

Spinal  Twisting  Asanas     

Inverted  Asanas   

Balancing  Asanas     


Advanced  Group     




Mula  Bandha    Anal  Lock/Perineum  Contraction   

Uddiyana  Bandha  –  Abdominal C ontraction   

Jalandhara  Bandha  –  Chin  Lock/Throat  Lock   

Maha  Bandha  –  Practice  of  all  three  Bandhas  at  the s ame  time.   



Jala  (Water)  and  Sutra  Neti(Thread)  –  Nasal  Flush   

Kapalbhati  –  Forceful  Breathing.   

Kunjal  Kriya-  Forceful  Vomiting.   

Tratak-  Candle  Gazing.   







                            Module  3  : Pranayama  &  Kriya     



Definition  of  Pranayama   

Four  Aspects  of  Pranayama.   

Need  of  Breath.   

Natural  Breathing.   

Abdominal  (or  diaphragmatic)  Breathing   

Thoracic  Breathing   

Complete  Yogic  Breathing     

Single  Nostril  Breathing     

Alternate  Nostril  Breathing     

Chandra  Nadi  Pranayama  (Moon  piercing  breath)   

Surya  Nadi  Pranayama  (Sun  piercing  breath)   

Nadi  Shodhana  Pranayama  (Alternate  nostril  breath)   

Ujjayi  Pranayama  (Ocean  breath)   

Sheetali  Pranayama  (Cooling  breath)   



Pratyahara  Kriyas   Dharana  Kriyas   

Dhrana  Kriyas     





                     Module  4  :  Chakra  Yoga  &  Healer Training     


Chakra  –  Structure,Rotation,Waves,Speed,  Location   7  Chakra  in  Details   

  1. Theory  :  

Muladhara  Chakra  (grounding  &  survival)  

Swadhisthana  Chakra  (Desire   and  creativity)  

Manipura  Chakra  (strength  and  power)    Anahata  Chakra  (love  &  compassion)  

Visuddha  chakra  (communication  &  expression)  

Ajna  Chakra  (breaking  duality  and  wisdom)  

Sahashara  Chakra  (bliss  and  relationship  it  Divinity)  


Determining  7  Chakras  Underactive,Overactive,Blocked  Balanced   

Healing  each  Chakra  with  different T echniques   

Healing   Food  to  Balance  each  Chakra   

Sound  Theraphy  on  each  Chakra   

Color  Theraphy  on  Each  Chakra   

Crystal  Theraphy  on  Each  Chakra  

Aromatheraphy  for  each  Chakra  

Yoga  asana  for  each  Chakra   

Meditation  for  Each  Chakra  

Reflexology  for  each  Chakra  

Determining  Blockages  on  each  Chakra  


Being  an  Energy  healer   what  is  healer? 

Requirements  for  working  energetically  what  is  chakra  healing  

Being  a  subtle  energy  technician   the  power  of  belief  the  intuitive  healer  

Signs  and  Symptoms  that  you  have  picked  up  negavtive  energies  after  giving  healing  how  to  clear  yourself  


Clearning  the  Aura  with  Crystal  

How  to  protect  from  unwanted  energies  

Prevented  Yourself  from  being  drained   



Awakening  Chakra   







  5  Koshas  (Body  Sheaths)   &  3  Bodies   

Characteristics  of t he  Subtle  Body   


9  Excercises-  

Exercise  1-  Feeling  and  experiencing  Your  Subtle  Energies  

Exercises  2:  Learning  to  see  Auras  Intuitively  

Exercise  3:    Learning  to  see  AurasObjectively   

Exercise  4:    Eye  Chart  with  the  Color  Clarity  Chart   

Exercise  5  :  Seeing O wn  Aura   

Exercise  6:  Seeing  Auras o f  others  

Exercise  7:  Learning t o  use  Pendulum  

Exercise  8:  USing  the  Pendulum  to  Determine  the  color  of  the  Aura  

Exercise  9:  Measure the   Aura  with  a  Pendulum  


Practice  with  Kriya,  Asana,  Yoga  Nidra,  Kundalini  , B andhas,  Pranayama  ,Mantra   ,Mediation  for  each  7  chakra  to  balance     Kriya  to  balance   

  1. Sets  of  Practice   for  Root  or  Muladhara  Chakra   
  2. Sets  of  Practice  for  Sacral  or  Swadhisthana  Chakra   
  3. Sets  of  Practice  for  Plexes  or  Manipura   
  4. Sets  of  Practice  for  Heart  or  Anahata  Chakra     
  5. Sets  of  Throat  for  Chakra  or  Vishudhha  Chakra   
  6. Sets  of  Practice  for  Third  Eye  or A jna  Chakra     
  7. Sets  of  Practice  for  Crown  or S ahashara  Chakra     





                            Module 4   :  Meditation       

Learning  complete  understanding  about  meditation.    

11  Steps  for  Meditation   


Theory/notes  and  practice  different  Types  of  Meditation  Techniques  –  1)Mindfullness  (Vipassana)  


3)Transcendental  Meditation  

4)  Zen  Meditation  

5)Loving  Kindness  Meditation  

6)Breath  awareness  meditation  

7)Body  scan  or  progressive  relaxation  

  1. Kundalini   Meditation  
  2. Tantra  Meditation  

10)Object  Concentration  Meditation  

11)Chakra  Meditation  


                           Module  5:  Yoga  Nidra     



What is & what is not Yoga Nidra

Origin & development

Overview of different Yoga Nidra types & traditions

Yoga Nidra Philosophy

Three bodies – Physical, Astral & Spiritual

Five Pranas, Five Koshas & Seven Chakras

Proven effects on brainwaves

Proven effects on the nervous system

Benefits on body, mind & emotions

Themes & Sankalpas

Analyzing Satyananda & 61 point scripts

Yoga Nidra & Pratyahara

Yoga Nidra vs Meditation

Yoga Nidra vs Hypnosis

Yoga Nidra vs Relaxation

Yoga Nidra & Dreaming

Asanas for Yoga Nidra


Yoga Nidra for healing


Essential elements of a Yoga Nidra session

Importance of voice modulation

How to find the right voice

Deepening your own experience with daily guided Yoga Nidra

Daily teaching practice of Yoga Nidra

Teaching Yoga Nidra to groups & individuals

Working with a different type of visualizations

Working with imagery & emotions

Understanding different types of scripts

Learn to make your script

Important Do’s & Don’ts of Yoga Nidra



  Module  6  :Anatomy  (Physical  &  Subtle  )and  Physiology    

Yoga  Anatomy  –  



Shoulder  Movements   

Scapula  Movements   

Spine  &  Pelvis   

Hip  Joint   





Basics  Anatomy  &  Physiology  on  –  

T he  Skeletal  System   

The  Muscular  System   

The  Respiratory  System   

The  Circulatory  System   

The  Nervous  System   

The  Endocrine  System   

The  Digestive  System   



Subtle/Yogi  Anatomy-   


Nadis  –  Ida  Nadi,Pingala  Nadi,  Sushmana  Nadi   

3  Bodies   

5  Koshas   


Body  Planes   




     Module  7  :  Ayurveda   


  • Foundational  principles  of  Ayurveda  
  • Ayurvedic  constitution  and  the  three  Doshas-Kapha,Pitta,Vata  
  • The  relationship  between  constitution,  health  and  imbalance  
  • The  definition  of  holistic  health  
  • Daily  guidelines  for  balanced  living  
  • The  Ayurvedic  approach  to  digestion  and  nutrition  
  • The  purpose  of  Ayurveda’s  sister  science,  Yoga  
  • The  mind-body  connection  







   Module  8 :   Mantra  (Optional)   


Daily  Chants     

Dhyana  Slokas   

Om  Triyanbakam  &  Arati   

Ganga  Arti   

Shanti  Mantras  and  Guru  Prayers   


He  Prabho   

Vishnu K irtans   

Krishna  kirtans   

Rama  Kirtans   Shiva  Kirtans   Devi  Kirtans   

Guru  Kirtans   

Meal  Prayer   Concluding  Mantras   







  • Fees for 100 hrs is 650 Euros
  • If booked before 2nd March ,then 550 Euros 


  • A reservation requires a deposit of 200 Euros and Remaining amount to be paid 7 days before the course starts .
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled. 


  • Can apply for another remaining 100 hrs either online course or in person in our yoga centre to complete 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training certified by Yoga Alliance recognised internationally.

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