7 days 7 Chakras Healing Retreats

A unique 7 Chakras Opening & Healing Workshop from the Himalayan Yoga Master, Bijay from India at Dharamshala, India. This workshop is designed for everyone, however, no experience necessary, and all levels experience levels are welcome. Yoga Teachers are most welcome to join for their future teaching implementation and depth in the field, also this course is intensive. Its is 7 days program to heal, balance and cleanse chakra. Each day 2.5 hours. First 30 -45 minutes notes and lectures on Kundalini ,chakras and Yoga Philosophy. Next 100 -120 minutes practice and healing on each day different chakras.

Whatis Chakras

Chakras, by definition, are energy centers within the human body that help to regulate all its processes, from organ function to to the immune system and emotions. Seven chakras are positioned throughout your body, from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency, color, and governs specific functions that help make you, well, human.

We are energy. All living things are created by and comprised of energy.The ability of your energy centers to function optimally is what keeps you psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually balanced.

  We have Major and Minor Chakras
We have major and minor chakras in our energetic body systems. When a chakra is not functioning properly or if it is blocked, illness is more prone to occur. Our wellbeing on all levels can affect and is affected by the chakras. If we are feeling depressed, then we may not be taking in the maximum amount of energy for our needs. If we do not nourish our bodies with the proper food and nutrients, then we may take in less energy than more. If we “block” feelings such as anger, etc., or do not speak our truth, we may be unconsciously impeding our healthy energy flow.




  Working on 1st Chakra (Root / Muladhara Chakra) for grounding & survival.

Working on 2nd chakra (Sacral / Swadhisthana Chakra ) for sexual and creativity .

Working on third Chakra ( Solar/ Manipura/ Chakra ) for Strength and Power .Working on 4th Chakra (Heart / Anahata Chakra) for love & compassion.

Working on 5th Chakra (Throat/ Visuddha Chakra) for communications and expressions.Working on 6th Chakra ( Third Eye/ Ajna Chakra) for wisdom and breaking duality.

 Working on 7th Chakra ( Crown/ Sahashara Chakra ) for Bliss and Oneness.


We will do all aspect of authentic Traditional yoga of more than 5000 years old of ancient yogic Science. Traditional Hatha Yoga (asana), Pranayama and Kriyas (breathing Exercises), Mudra(gestures to unlock energy flow), Meditation(Dhyana) , Mantra Chanting (Vedic and Bheej Mantras), Pratyahara(withdrawal of senses) and Yoga Nidra.


There will be lectures, questions and answers, talks on Kundalini and understanding each chakra daily. During workshop lot of negative emotion and toxins releases. It can be your past hidden emotions, your lifestyle, food habits, or inheritance. This course is about understanding chakras and balancing it in your daily life.


Bijay is the International Indian Yoga Teacher. Having soShanti Yoga School in India where he is giving Yoga Teacher Training Course and workshop. He was introduced to yoga when he was Young . He has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for 20 years with a particular focus in Advanced Pranayama, Hatha Yoga,Kundalini yoga, Chakras, Meditation Tantra Yoga and Intensive . For now Bijay is excited to continue to teach and share the life changing benefits of yoga to others.


All 7 Chakras in details and how to balance in daily life.
Kundalini and Nadis in details.
Kundalini practices (to awake the hidden energy and potential)
Tantra practices (to unite and balance the Shiva and Shakti)
Hatha yoga/ Asanas (for physical health and flexibility)
Pranayama (for energy balance and proper breathing)
Meditation (for calming and relaxing the mind to achieve stillness and stability in your life)
Bandhas (for awakening the hidden energy and channeling the energy in the proper direction)
Mudras (yogic gestures that help you to save your energy so that you can make yourself always happy)
Yoga Nidra
Traditional Tantra (non-sexual)


Single Private Room with Attached Bathroom is 300 Euro 

Twin Sharing Room with Attached Bathroom is 250 Euro

Foods :

Vegan & Vegetarian.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet is prepared specially for our YTT retreat. Nutritional, high vibrational, organic meals to fit any special diet requirement, fresh juices, salads soups, appetizers,main courses, fruits and healthy desserts.

All day detox drinks, tea, coffee and water.


*Extra need to Pay7 days Breakfast , lunch and Dinner 100 Euros


Welcome to join free optional hatha/ Vinyasa,Yin/ Vinyasa/ Asthanga/ Kundalini class at evening at 4:30pm and meditation at 6:15 pm during this


For booking and reservation you can message here or whatsApp 

+91 9130885282


Instagram : soShantiYoga


Please sign in as soon as possible. As it limited space with not more than 15 people. Looking forward to spend a special and intimate time together.


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