Himalayan Master Yogi Bijay developed so Shanti Yoga to share his 20 years of experience with his unique style of healing .Spiritual and holistic approach. so Shanti Yoga brings more than 500 years old ancient yogi science to modern age by embracing all types of yoga postures (Asana),Breathing work (Pranayama and Kriya), Meditation (Dhyana), Gesture (Mudra),Bandhas (Energy lock), and Mantra Chanting .Yogic wisdom are all artfully sequenced in each class to align the five layers of self. Join one of our 100 hour, 200 hour and 300 hours Yoga teacher training Courses (YTTC) or retreats and embark on the transformation a journey of a lifetime.


   Join us for the Transformational & Healing Experience of a Lifetime!


In this course ,you will experience twenty seven days of extensive study of the Traditional hatha, Traditional Kundalini ,Traditional Tantra and yoga philosophy whilst practising daily .Students will be tested through written tests ,hand on teaching and experience the teachings through daily practise of the yogic life.


Intensive and advanced program Following daily routine and diet of yogi to relax your mind, to release stress and heal. A unique retreats design for all levels – Beginner, intermediate and advanced .Yoga Alliance International Certificate



A unique 7 Chakras Opening & Healing Workshop from the Himalayan Yoga Master, Bijay from India at Dharamshala, India. This workshop is designed for everyone, however, no experience necessary, and all levels experience levels are welcome. Yoga Teachers are most welcome to join for their future teaching implementation and depth in the field, also this course is intensive. Its is 7 days program to heal, balance and cleanse chakra.

"For me it was powerful process of letting go for different stories, thoughts and emotional, wich took my energy of life. Before It was difficult to do it myself: just having said: let it go. In this Kundalini Yoga training program, it happened throw many breathing exercises, yoga, voice, meditation and beautiful mantras. After this cleaning i feel much own power, potential and courage to do more in my life. It is also the sensation of the movement of energy in the body, when freeing itself from the blockage, when every cells of my body are breathing and becomes more alive. And it difficult to describe in words this feeling love in heart, when i want to hug all world and i am part of all this beautiful being wich came after this process. Bijay is a amazing, light master✨, he shares his knowledge and state, reflecting the light in the heart of everyone🙏🏼✨ infinite gratitude ."

Veronika Egorova
Yoga and Fitness Instructor,Russia

"Bijay is a passionate teacher and such a kind soul. I love the fact he is not just a teacher, but actually builds human to human connections with his students. Bijay is very caring and supportive, while having a lot of knowledge and practical experience of that which he teaches. It's a joy following his course or classes, either real life or online. Thank you!"
Matu Mol
Founder of Unmadana,Netherlands

"Best yoga studio in Dharamsala!I had my ttc training with soshanti yoga studio and it is a really amazing experience!What I like most are the teachers,all of them are amazing!Vishinu ji is young but experienced.,with him we learned authentic hatha yoga. Bijay is caring. Meditation class with him is never boring and I really like all the discussion in philosophy class which is very inspiring. I could imagine what anatomy class will be if there is no Brook. She made compllicated anatomy class interresting and understandable.Also Maria's ayuverda class is wonderful and after class I developed more interest in ayuverda and I want to study more. We spend such a great time together during the whole ttc session. And also we cooked authentic india food ,the Poha,the pumpkin soup and masala chai are the best I had in India!We also trekked to the waterfall which was also a memoriable experience.Also so shanti yoga has the best himalaya view class room. Thank you everyone for making such a good beginning for my yoga journey"
Haoqi Li
Retailer, China

"Bijay, thank you for being such an incredible teacher. I have learnt a great deal from you. Whatever I have learnt during these sessions with you, I have tried to apply those techniques, especially the various breathing methods, in my daily practice at home. This whole experience has been quite transformative. My last session with you, which was The seven days chakra healing online program, was intense, detoxifying and liberating. I look forward to this journey onwards and learn and grow as a person. Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing this knowledge and philosophy which is life changing, undoubtedly."
Vishal Karwal
Bollywood Actor, India

"I just graduated 7 chakras healing course and I love it. Every morning was a time to learn, practice and connect with my body and mind. It was an amazing ritual which I miss already, hearing the sound of birds and wind from India. Thank you Bijay Paswan for this experience. Namaste
Sorina Evan Mare
Founder of Bali Soul Journey,Romania

"It was a privilege to start my days during a whole week with Bijay’s 7 chakras teaching ! And also with Indian birds chants and good wives filling my living room 😊 The classes are well structured and it opened me to experiment kriyas or asanas that I never did. Especially the intense breathing exercises. I could feel much more intensely my body and a higher level of energy. It was the first time I intended classed with Bijay and I hope I can repeat this experience in real with this great teacher, in India or in Europe 🙏🏽 Thank you Bijay"
Jadja Bou

Amazing place and atmosphere with stunning views 💖.In that magical place you will meet my dearest yoga teacher (Bijay) with a very vibrant teaching style, big smile, so many skills... who will guide you to your inner self and bliss. Om shanti soShanti Yoga"
Ana Fernandez de Valderrama
Assistant Manager, Spain

"I was lucky enough to attend the 7 Chakras seminar with Bijay. Every morning I woke up looking forward to learning and feeling that great journey inside us that this great teacher has guided us. I have connected body and mind, practiced asanas and above all enjoyed the present moment at a stage of our lives something special due to coronavirus. I hope to continue learning in future seminars with a person who transmits something very special... and someday have the honor of being able to attend your school in India.... THANK YOU BIJAY ,NAMASTE
Valle Vilches Valderrama

"soShanti Yoga and Bijay will change your Life. He is a great yoga teacher , with a very deep period of self understanding and self constructing to find his own path to yoga. This year we have organized with him two yoga workshops in Spain and students were delighted...we Will do the same this year and many of them Will repeat. More than that , and what really matters, he is a great Guy....you Will see it in his eyes."
Gerardo Diego
Yoga Teacher,Spain

"Bijay is a very good teacher!! Learn a lot of different yoga experiences and knowledge from his class. First contact with Kundalini Yoga, it was too amazing at first, too hard to explain what happened: the flow of energy, sound, light, bijay are all very cordiligently and seriously, learn a lot of yourself, bijay Class must come, I love it ~ Bijay是一位非常好的老師!!從他的課中能學到很多不一樣的瑜伽體驗與知識。第一次接觸Kundalini Yoga,剛開始覺得太神奇、太難以解釋發生的狀況:能量的流動、聲音、光,Bijay都非常親切與認真的回答各種問題,從中學習到很多也更加認識自己,Bijay的課一定要來上,我超級喜歡~"

ダラムコットに来たらこちらのヨガクラスをおすすめします。初心者向けのハタヨガがメインです。基本ドロップインの都度払いでしたので、気軽に参加できました。Bijay先生はわかりやすい英語で、一人一人丁寧にアジャストしてくれます。自然に囲まれてのびのびと、SoShantiな時間を楽しめます! "I recommend this yoga class when I come to Durham cot. Hatha Yoga for beginners is the main one. I was able to take part in the basic drop-in, so I was able to participate in the middle of the day Dr. Bijay is easy to understand, and each person is polite to adjustment. You can enjoy the time of nature surrounded by nature! "
Natsuki Asami
Graphic Designer, Japan